Boundary Survey

I’m working on a fence, but haven’t known exactly where the property boundary is, so I’ve been looking into getting a boundary survey done. I figured a survey of my 80 acres would be as expensive as the property was. That has scared me away from getting the survey done. However, I really needed a survey if I am going to put up a fence along the property line.

I ended up finding Boundary Consultants. I liked their website, and they sounded like they had a lot of experience, so I asked for a quote. David Hawkes quoted me $2500 for the survey and said he could have it done within a week. He included the boundary survey and line stakes every 100 feet, so I would know where I could put my fence.

That quote happened to be exactly what I had saved up, so I went ahead and had them do it.  I needed the peace of mind a survey brings.

Cropped Boundary Survey
Bridget and I paid for a survey of our property, so we’d know where to put the fence.

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BLM Blocks Road

It appears the BLM has blocked Dove Creek Road and ripped out the road sign. They also posted a No Trespassing sign indicating they do not acknowledge a public easement.

Dove Creek Road Sign
The BLM has ripped out the Dove Creek Road sign. This is very disturbing.

This caused me a lot of stress. I finally decided to write the county asking for their intervention. Today’s email to the county reads in part as follows. Continue reading “BLM Blocks Road”