Roads Become Gullies

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might remember a few posts where I try to determine where old roads run on my property. I have one official county road through my property, and one 4-wheel drive federal road that connects to that road. Even though I can trace those roads back 80 years or so, they weren’t the first roads on my property.

From satellite photos, I can see the remnants of other older roads that must have gone through my property over 100 years ago. I managed to capture one in the correct light and get a picture of it in my my post, “Mystery of the Forgotten Road.”

Forgotten Road Across Dove Ranch
One of the old forgotten roads through my property.

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BLM Blocks Road

It appears the BLM has blocked Dove Creek Road and ripped out the road sign. They also posted a No Trespassing sign indicating they do not acknowledge a public easement.

Dove Creek Road Sign
The BLM has ripped out the Dove Creek Road sign. This is very disturbing.

This caused me a lot of stress. I finally decided to write the county asking for their intervention. Today’s email┬áto the county┬áreads in part as follows. Continue reading “BLM Blocks Road”